The Coolest Wedding Trends for Summer are Heating Up the Aisles!

By Lynn Adams

Summer will always be the hot season for weddings, no matter what people say. The weather! The flowers! The outdoors! Couples getting married this summer have been planning with the experts at to incorporate these latest trends into their summer weddings. We are excited to share their preferences with you.


Bucking Tradition: – It’s ok to see the bride! Change things up completely, or give your own unique nod to tradition. Today’s couples are photographing that “First Look” instead of waiting for the trip down the aisle to first see each other. Brides are shunning the standard white dress and veil for colorful gowns and crowns. It’s also good to find out if your beloved wants cake smashed in their face.


 Nature Photo: Perhaps the biggest perk of a summer wedding is celebrating the outdoors in your wedding photos. Step outside, even in the rain, to grab that one-of-a-kind shot. Explore your setting for the perfect Mother Nature moment in your wedding wear – this juxtaposition makes for striking images.


The IT Flowers of Summer: The Peony and Orchid are the coveted blooms this season. The Peony only blooms in late spring, so is only available in summer. Fall and winter wedding couples can ask for them but are out of luck- peonies solely belong to the summer wedding. Orchids are available year-round, and these unique and delicate blooms can be dyed different colors to match your theme.


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