Hiring your Wedding Vendors on More than Price Alone, by Lisa Leming

By Lynn Adams

Orange County Bride Magazine supports their wedding vendors and loves to share some of their information so that brides are better informed and educated when making a decision to hire the perfect wedding vendors. The saying rings true for all wedding vendors, “You get what you pay for!” Lisa Leming, a premiere Hair and Make-Up artist in the Orange County area, shares her thoughts with us on why it is important to hire your make-up artist on more then price alone.
“I have been in this business over 10 years now and the old saying rings true: You get what you pay for! When you are looking for someone to make you beautiful on one of the most important days of your life there are some things to consider. Of course you want to be able to see several photos of their work and like their style. You should also see if this person has reviews on the major wedding websites.  Anyone can grab a photo from the internet and claim it as their own.  I encourage prospective  brides to contact brides I have done in the past from my referral list and get personal reviews where they can ask questions.  I like to keep my prices competitive but fair. If someone is quoting you a very low price then chances are they are inexperienced and just trying to get you to book them.  So many times I have had a bride tell me,  “I love your work but cannot afford your prices and found someone that will to do it for less.”  Then later they contact me and say that the trial did not go well with the discount artist, so they are spending twice as much now.  If  it is not peak wedding season then sometimes I will offer discounts or if  it’s in Orange County. I even have a policy that if you cannot afford my pricing I will lower it to meet your budget if I  am still available for your date 30 days before the wedding.  I am very reasonable. But please understand that myself and other reputable artists charge what we charge because we have years of experience and use quality products that are not cheap. Can your artist guarantee that your makeup will stay put even if you cry or that your hair will stay in place as you dance through the night?
Other artists may also not be as professional, not showing up on time or even showing up at all, is a major concern. Yes, that can happen and it has so beware and they should always have you sign a contract with all the details of the services provided, costs, start and finish times of the wedding day.
I hope this article has been helpful to you and that you keep these things in mind as you do your research for your big day. I am happy to answer questions via phone, email or text.”
Lisa Leming

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