By Lynn Adams


“What do I do with my dress, afterwards?”  …Preserve it, of course!!

The age-old question from brides around the country is, “what do I do with this gorgeous gown after the big day?”

“Well, don’t leave it hanging in the closet,” urges Robin Bergman, owner of Infinity Bouquets. Storing it properly can help to defend against permanent damage from light, dust, humidity, and critters. So stay away from inexpensive, low quality cardboard boxes, Robin warns. But, preserving your gown will keep it pristine.

Modern museums and now countless brides across the country are using Infinity Bouquet’s method to store all fine textiles.  And, it’s more affordable than you think, so protect your investment, she added.



Gown preservation has long been an avenue for brides in hope that a daughter would wear her gown in the future. Let’s be realistic, that is probably not going to happen. However, present-day brides are finding themselves using pieces of mom’s gown to embellish their bouquets, create a hanky to hold, or simply to add to their own modern-day gowns.

Preserving your beautiful dress affords you the ability to access your gown at a moment’s notice without interfering with the process, ensuring that the finest of textiles never yellow or damage.

Visit: www.InfinityBouquets.com or call Robin at 877-373-9379

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