Terranea Resort and Spa, Rancho Palos Verdes

It will happen to you too… the quick inhale and, “WOW!” That’s exactly what you’ll do when you see the view at Terranea Resort and Spa – embraced by the Cove and Tide Pools of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Keep right on gazing as you enjoy the trails with wildlife, ocean life, indigenous flora and fauna. It seems so far from the OC, yet it’s just a quick cruise up the 405. This is an ideal location for a romantic weekend, your “destination



She said – Break-it-down into flip-flops and cut-offs with some craft drinks and nibbles at the casual and fun Nelson’s. Take a table outside on the sand and start your downtime. Watch for whales and dolphins so you can “ring the bell,” at any sightings.

He said – Dinner at Mar’ Sel in the moonlight is a must to keep the romance simmering. It begins with a stroll past the on-site citrus and herb garden. The chef here knows how to present an array of palate pleasures above the crashing waves – this experience makes for an epic dining celebration.



He said – Stressed out after the wedding festivities? Let the professionals handle this! Exceptional service at the award-winning Spa at Terranea. The massage packages are vast – I was completely rejuvenated with the Ocean Prelude option.

She said – The facials are reportedly so revolutionary I had to investigate. I chose the Ultimate Radiance Lift with the Rose Infinity Collection. Well? Wow!



He said – Golf, hiking, water sports, biking – it’s all here. Which one fi rst was my only dilemma.

She said – Arts, cooking, music, pools – what to do, what to do… Hopefully everything!



He Said – Check out the villas, bungalows and casitas. They are honeymoon worthy for sure and you deserve it!

She said – The guest rooms and suites are spacious with ocean views and balconies. Stylish, luxurious and so comfortable – go ahead, spoil yourself! Weddings

She said – Terranea can accommodate grand celebrations as easily as intimate affairs. From Palos Verdes Meadows to Catalina Point, each setting offers its own style and amenities. Take your pick!

He said – I’m in!


Terranea.com, Terranea Resort and Spa, 100 Terranea Way, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 Phone: (310) 494-7891

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