FIJI A Tropical Paradise Made for Love

Fijians are renowned throughout the world for their warmth and friendliness. And with its beauty, comfort, fun, ease and affordability, Fiji is the ultimate destination for romance. But really, who needs an excuse for romance? Take your sweetheart to Fiji on an escape from the traffic, pressure, and noise of your daily life and you’re sure to fall in love all over again.

Among Fiji’s 300 plus islands, you will find an ideal combination of tropical scenery, lovely people, gracious hospitality, and invigorating activities. Design your perfect romantic vacation from Fiji’s delicious menu of options, Enjoy a private picnic on an idyllic palm-fringed beach where the only footsteps on the sand are your own. Hold hands as you snorkel among the dazzling jewel-box colors of soft corals and tropical fish. Slip below the surface and scuba dive with your sweetheart and the manta rays on world-famous Astrolabe Reef. How about a trek for two in the lush rainforest, accompanied by birdsong and the sound of rushing mountain streams?

Submit to the gorgeous relaxation of soothing hands at one of Fiji’s restorative spas. Discover a private island with no money transactions, no telephones, newspapers, radios or television – just romance. Hide away in a luxury resort set in the midst of a tropical rainforest. Cruise in comfort among picture-perfect islands. Gaze down at the brilliant blues and greens from the vantage of a private helicopter or seaplane ride. Visit remote islands where ancient traditions continue to thrive. Share the cultural experience of the traditional kava drink, or Meke dance with your one and only. Toast the moonrise. Enjoy the magic of Fiji and the joy of true romance.

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